Kerry Livingston

Kitchen Manager-Saddle Ranch Elementary

Saddle Ranch Elementary Kitchen Manager

I am fortunate to have worked with Kerry Livingston when she was first hired in Nutrition Services. Kerry was hired as a kitchen assistant at Stone Mountain Elementary. At the time, this was one of my schools and the Kitchen Manager went out with a broken foot. Knowing that Kerry had a background in foodservice, I had approached her to learn enough to cover the kitchen while the manager was out. Well, Kerry did more than that. She learned opening and closing the day, ordering and production. She soon could cover the kitchen so that I had time to visit my other schools. It was not a shock to me to see that she became a manager the following year.

Two and half years later, I get the chance to work with Kerry again! Kerry approaches her kitchen with calm and confidence. She has a great team working with her and her leadership is evident in her kitchen. Kerry’s school was chosen to pilot the online ordering lunch program, ClickEatGo! While this could be a bit overwhelming to try out a new program, Kerry pulled her sleeves up and dug in to learn the new program and deliver on all expectations for both Nutrition Services and our parents. Kerry is an asset to our program and I am very proud to work with her and make this year great!

Written by: Dawn Kidd, Area Manager