Suzette Wynne,                Kim Dresler, Amy Lamb

Commissary Kitchen Staff

Commissary Staff

I’d like to introduce you to three great ladies.

Suzette Wynne, Kim Dresler and Amy Lamb make up the Douglas County School District Nutrition Services Commissary Kitchen team. Every day, including a very early start on Monday, you will find them preparing, mixing and filling your frozen yogurt and smoothie orders. There has not been a day that has gone by that laughter is not heard coming through the break room walls from the production room. This laughter is contagious and makes everyone in the Central Office smile when they hear it. I appreciate their dedication, great attitudes, problem solving skills and their ability to work independently. It is to our advantage to have this team with the ability to produce our own frozen treats at a lower food cost then if we purchased a commercial product. Thank you for your contribution to our department success.

Written by Julie Caughey

Area Manager, DCSD Nutrition Services