As I think about writing a recognition for just one person, I am finding it difficult to pinpoint who that one person should be. There have been so many situations over the last few months I can think of, that each of my school kitchens' teams would deserve recognition for. For that reason, I would rather take this opportunity and thank my entire team!

Arrowwood Elementary (AWE), Acres Green Elementary (AGE), Cresthill Middle School (CMS), Cougar Run Elementary (CRUN), Eagle Ridge Elementary (ERE), Fox Creek Elementary (FCE), Heritage Elementary (HE), Highlands Ranch High School (HRHS), Mountain Vista High School (MVHS), North Ridge Elementary (NRE), Sand Creek Elementary (SCE), STEM Primary, STEM Secondary, and SkyView Academy (SVA) kitchen teams......

Thank you for your continuous commitment and positivity

Thank you for being so adaptable

Thank you for doing your best for our students and community

Thank you for being YOU

I am thankful and proud to be part of such a great team!

Written by Lucie Perez, MS, DCSD Nutrition Services Area Manager


Kristina Keer

DCSD Nutrition Services Training Specialist

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Kristina Keer as an Extra Special Person. Kristina's impact as our Nutrition Services Training Specialist has been very significant since she accepted the position. This past year has taken her skills and caring nature to new levels. This past year has brought new challenges to all of us, both professionally and personally. Kristina has been involved in every step of the process of creating and recreating our Remote Bag Feeding Program. She has kept up with all training, created new video training, and even did a Manager in Training (MIT) Class early this school year. I have found that every time I have a challenging situation, Kristina is already working with me: problem solving, answering employee questions and emails, as well as being present at their sites to help. In her spare time, she fosters dogs for a local nonprofit agency! Kristina never sees a challenge as something that can't be solved or conquered, and her support is a great benefit to us all! I'd like to thank her all she has done and created, and for being a wonderful and supportive coworker!

Written by Joy Timlin

DCSD Nutrition Services Area Manager

October 28.2020