Healthy Snacks

Fast, Nutritious and Convenient Fueling Students with Healthy Snacks

Our Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

Anytime we serve these smoothies … they disappear! We just can’t make enough of them.

Frozen low-fat yogurt.

A recent middle school addition, fast becoming a student favorite. We’re looking forward to taste testing this product in the elementary schools.

Partnering with Parents, PTOs, Staff…

“How can we help you provide snacks on those special days?” As a parent of five students who attended DCSD schools, I know first-hand providing snacks for school events, holiday parties, back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences and birthday celebrations tends to sneak up on families.

We can assist with your school “snack” events by providing healthy, cost-effective, delicious products kids will thank you for…. Contact me via email and let’s work together.